Family, Banks and Writing

Tomorrow night I have a meeting with the owner of HerPlanet, the network that hosts HerCorner. I’m not sure what she wants to talk about. If there is even a plan or if we are just keeping in touch. I know communication and keeping everyone involved is high in importance to Dottie, the owner. I think that’s great. It shows that each of us does matter and has a big part in the whole network.

Anyway, it’s much better than BellaOnline where I was ripped off and then ignored. Bitches! I’ve heard there are new owners there now. But, there is no way I will ever go back and I will never have anything good to say about that organization. They were a pretty shifty bunch, I’d take any rumours about new owners with a bucket of salt.

I sort of re-pierced my ears tonight. The holes have never healed really but it’s been about 20 years since I tried to stick anything through them. Yesterday at the store I noticed a necklace with a birthday fairy and thought it would be cute to give to the girl next door, Jade. It originally came with a matching ring and earrings. But, the ring had been stolen in this package. So, I asked how much it would discount for. Turns out it was down to $2. In my price range. I plan to give the necklace to Jade this Christmas. I was just going to toss out the earrings but they are kind of pretty. Plain and simple but nice: one tiny glittery stone. So, I gave into temptation and took them into the bathroom so I could see which of the holes in my ear looked most promising, and hopefully straight. With a little careful poking they went through. I wondered if at least the back of the holes had healed over but it was no problem to push the poles through. Anyway, I’m wearing them now. Not sure if I will have a problem with them but they are ok so far. I’m sure they aren’t hypo allergenic so I might take them out at some point.

What other flabergasting news do I have….

I’ve been listening to a radio station that promises to play just Christmas/ seasonal music until Christmas comes along. It’s nice, cheery music most of the time. I like hearing the oldies, like Dean Martin. They keep pushing “I Wish I had a River” by Barry Manilow.

Anyway, there’s about all the news anyone could stand to read. My brother is coming back this weekend and my Dad is planning to leave. So, soon I will have the house to myself. At least for a few hours now and then. I won’t have to bother cooking dinner, which is nice. Also, I will do one big clean up day and then I won’t need to worry about house cleaning again. I’m only using three rooms in the whole place. It will be easy enough to keep those going.

I just got the first statement from my US bank that I have seen since the divorce in July. Guess what they have done? Over drawn my account! I have no idea why they did this. Don’t banks usually freeze an account if its a penny over the money in the account? I expected they would. But, for some reason without my knowing anything about it they have my balance in the minus range, by quite a lot! I’m not sure how I will manage this. It’s not like I have any real access to the account now that I’m not in the US. I just keep thinking how strange it is that they let this happen. Also why does Sympatico send me an email about my payment not going through when I emailed them about a month ago to ask that the account be closed. The really ridiculous thing is that the email address they wrote from is the same one I wrote to a month ago. Just proves they don’t read their email.

Well, I plan to do more than blog tonight. There is a ton of stuff I want to do with my personal site and I have to catch up on the BackWash newsletters for Home & Garden and Wordcraft. Kids BW has gotten behind too. I had a good idea for a new erotic story in the Little Chris series for the Adult BW column too. Chris gets tormented in a Santa Claus suit. We’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere I won’t use it. Just like the car sex idea that wandered off into boring. Someday I’ll find a way to use the original idea. It just wasn’t working that day.

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