Fail Blog

My nephew, Zack, introduced me to Fail Blog. A friend gave him the book for his birthday. I noticed it on his desk and he told me about it, even let me take it home to read it this week. (I do have to make sure the post-it notes from his friend stay on the book though, that was an important point).

Fail Blog is about people noticing their surroundings, signs that conflict each other (like a sign on a bus saying to use hammer to break glass in an emergency and a complementary sign saying to break the glass to use the hammer), mistakes in spelling that change the meaning of a sign, construction that doesn’t make sense (like a driveway to the garage that doesn’t connect to the gate coming from the road), failed products (like cookies saying they have double the chocolate chips but in the bag you find a cookie that has only one single chocolate chip), sarcasm (like the guy who taped his stereo remote to a handmade sign left for whoever stole the rest of the stereo set). I’m sure you get the idea now. Not the Darwin Awards, more like the sarcastic, the ironic and the confused (a lot like the Darwin Awards but with more photos versus news reports).

You’ve seen something, some where, some time that would fit into Fail Blog. Maybe you kept it to yourself. Maybe you just told a friend or two. But, did you take a photo? Why not share your photo on the blog?

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