A Facts and Arguments Essay

This comes from the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. These are the points they make for anyone to submit an essay to the newspaper. Good points to keep in mind for any writing you are working on. Consider writing an essay for your own local newspaper(s) – get paid for it!

So what makes a good Facts Essay?

A few things we look for are: an original voice; an unexpected view; an unfamiliar perspective; humour; vivid details that show us rather than tell us; anecdotes that illuminate a wider theme.

A successful Essay may be funny, surprising, touching or enlightening – or all of these. It may present a slice of life or a powerful experience that changed you in some way. It may be a meditation on something that matters to you. It goes beyond a rant, and it is deft in moving from the particular to the universal.

Above all, an Essay should be personal rather than political. It must be true, not fictional.

via Submit a Facts and Arguments Essay – The Globe and Mail.

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