F is for Finally

atozApparently I am more behind on the A to Z Blogging Challenge than I thought I was. I had told myself we had weekends off so I thought I was only three days back. I was wrong, it is only Sundays off. Anyway, this is my catching up post. Not that I haven’t posted each day, just have not dedicated them to the right letters at the right time.

A – A is for April but it’s also for aggravating. I like people, in general. Don’t misunderstand when I write that people are the most aggravating things ever created. Aggravating, frustrating and perfectly lovely all at the same time. I have a big family, of my immediate family. Most of them are people doing their best day to day. All of them are really. But, they don’t have a real sense of boundaries, of where to STOP at times. Boundaries are crossed so often that I feel like a tiny country surrounded by mega monster countries on the globe of life.

B – B is for bill paying. I’ve done my bill paying for this month. I like the actual act of paying them, I do it online. If it wasn’t my own money, depleting my own meager funds, it would be much more easy to enjoy it. But, even as it is, I kind of like typing in the numbers, writing the payment down on the invoice or statement and then clicking pay and seeing them all magically become paid at the same time. Yes, simple things do amuse me.

C – C is for Canada of course. I love my own country of Canada. I don’t think you can really say that until you have traveled outside of your own country, seen other countries up close and personal. How can you judge one place if one place is all you have ever known? I lived in the US a few years. I lived in the Dominican Republic a few months, with my sister who lived there for years. It was lovelier on the ocean, much too hot inland. I did like picking up some Spanish language. I still remember the odd word when I put my brain into it. But, there is nothing like that feeling of coming home after being away. Home to my own Canada, like a present all wrapped up in fancy bows and pretty paper, just waiting for me to get back and open it again.

D – D is for Done. I like having things done. Though the part I like the best is really the process of getting things done. I like the journey. Once you arrive it’s done, until you start the next journey. I have been trying to get things done more often, to make a list of things to do. I have far too much which is undone. I watch TV show about hoarders and try not to cringe when I think about my own hoard-like area on my bedroom floor, it’s the Things-To-Do pile. There are a lot of things to be done, things started and partially done and things which I was going to do later… When is later? Right now my coffee is probably done. I don’t always start my working day with coffee but it is kind of nice to have some habits, traditions that get your brain in gear to begin getting things done for the day.

Yesterday I posted for E – E was for Engagement, in particular the Rules of Engagement for Blogging. I don’t always write about blogging, but in general I stick to the writing topic.

Today, F is for Finally. I am finally caught up on the A-Z Challenge. I can get my coffee, which I can almost smell from here all the way to the kitchen at the other end of the house.

I wanted to sort out clothes today as well as the usual round of writing. My closet is kind of full yet I only wear the same batch of clothes every day. There are a lot of things that have not been out of that closet since we moved here and I hung them all up in there. Why not finally let them go? The hard ones are the dressy outfits that I wore to work in an office. I especially like the comfortable suits and it will be hard to let them go. But, I haven’t actually worn any of them in more than ten years. That’s a sure sign that I can part with them. If I can make myself do it.

I also need to finally catch up on the writing I should be doing for several blogs I am working on. Not all of them my own.

If I get all that done today, that will be enough. I can reward myself with a daytime shower (oh the evil of a shower in the day when it will cost me double for using the hot water). But, sometimes you just want a nice shower when it isn’t dark in the house.

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