Even for all that Nice, Juicy Money?

“It’s so insidious and pointless. I think that takes away from getting to have this special moment where you go and see someone in a movie. That magic gets diluted because you see these people every hour, every day in something that’s bound together and called a publication.” Julia Roberts talking about how Hollywood has lost it’s glamour.

I think she is right. But it’s not all gone. Still, when you see them in their underwear, or wearing bikinis that show them as human and less than perfect and you see them all the time. They aren’t anything so special any more. At least here in Canada we don’t get bombarded by it quite so much. Even living in the midwest US I found there was more babble and propaganda about movie and TV stars than I encounter here.

Would you want to be a movie star in this day and age? Or would you find the lack of privacy too much to cope with, even for all that nice, juicy money?

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