Escaping Into a Good Book

If I can’t see myself do I really exist?

I must be having a really self inflicted self absorbed day. I’ve taken even more personality quizes than those posted below. Just for fun. I always wonder what it is I am looking for when I take those. Confirmation that I’m really not crazy, that I’m “not so bad”? Whatever it is I never seem to find it. Though, it is a cheap way of getting compliments and you don’t have to go out and meet for coffee first.

I was thinking about book reading today. I don’t have anything here that I am just itching to read. I began one mystery but it’s very British, that dry kind of writing style you really have to put some brain power into. I just want something fun to read. I like a simple book, the kind you take to bed at night and curl up so the light is coming from over your shoulder and onto the pages. The kind of book you fall asleep reading (that not it’s dull) and the kind that makes you have to stop reading so you can push yourself up on an elbow and turn off the light. Those are books that you read all at once cause they are good, but didn’t take a lot of thought to get into them or to understand them.

The BookCrossing people yesterday seemed to focus on literature. Books that say something about the reader, in a literary way. I knew whatever books I brought would be saying something about me – and what I read. But, I tried to bring a cross selection of what I read so I wouldn’t feel silly about some of what I read. I didn’t bring literature however. So, at the meeting I felt a bit like the lame duck. It did bother me when a couple of people were laughing at the paranormal romance books. Why laugh at something created to be enjoyed? It doesn’t have to change your view of the world just give you something fun to read before you turn off the light or while you wait for the bus, etc. I think people worry too much about the impression they make. It would be nice to have a themed meeting of the BookCrossing Toronto/ GTA people and make it for illiterature, just those books no one really wants to admit to reading. The books they don’t usually bring out to trade. Maybe I will do that, after I’ve been to a few meetings. Once I know about the job and accomodations thing again. Kind of aggravating to be back at that again, no real way to make plans for anything else.

Anyway, I still don’t have a good book to dive into today. I started a chapter of the mystery but kept feeling I was waiting for it to start. I did get a couple of mysteries from BookCrossing which I will try, they don’t seem to be the stuffy kind but neither gave me that flush of passion, that “must read” feeling. I like that about a book.

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