Enjoy Dating When you Don’t Have To

asciidatingThere are a lot of dating sites around now. Most of them seem to be spin offs from a few major chains. If you scroll down to the end you can see which one it really is versus the niche domain it’s trying to cover. Large Friends, Christian Friends, Furry Friends, they all end up being part of the same main network. It’s disappointing because they all have the same kind of scam going. They say they are free. Free to join. Free to post your profile. But, they stop being free at the crucial moment. If you use their free search and find someone you want to contact… you’re off the free zone.

I’d really like to find a Dating Agency that worked for me. There are some which are still completely free. You can find them just by searching for that sentence. I’ve written about them before myself.

Today I’m thinking about the fun of reading dating sites, when you know you aren’t really looking for anyone. The best way to do this is to pick a location far from your own. Read about dating in Alaska, dating in Hong Kong, dating in Birmingham, or some place you actually would like to travel to. You might pick up some interesting local culture. Maybe find great places to get a coffee or eat out.

When you’re feeling a bit down about dating in general, that is a great time to read dating sites too. It costs nothing to pick on someone’s profile when you’re not sending them a note or caring about meeting any of them. Find the worst one, the one full of the most nonsense and just be glad that’s not someone you’re ever likely to end up on a blind date with!

Take that dating profile and write a future for him or her. Write as if they do meet someone and things work out for awhile…. and then… Give them a scenario. A love story gone wrong.

  • Man found in Tibet with amnesia, wearing only longjohns and a gap-tooth grin.
  • Dating couple ignite long time family feud due to stubbed toe.
  • Soap actress puts love on hold after birthing triplets with her faithless online lover.
  • Newlyweds split due to irreconcilable differences after alien abduction.
  • Dating lawyers end up duelling in Chinese food restaurant.

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