Elephant Crossing and Streetcar Meltdown

The elephants say they have bought a house and will be moved out of here by the end of the month. Can’t say there is any least thing I will miss about them. The brother wonders if they bought the other half of this house, it was for sale and now it isn’t. I hope not. I’d like for them to be gone a lot farther away than that.

Not that I’m especially evil or angry, I just didn’t find them to be anyone I’d want to spend time getting to know. They have still never salted or shovelled the pathway between the houses and they were supposed to keep that done. They are still two months behind with the rent and have no intention of paying. The brother explains that he has their first and last month’s rent. But, I didn’t explain to him how that still leaves him a month behind and stuck with whatever expense there will be after they vacate. There are always extra costs for cleaning and repairing once tenants leave. I’ve never seen any tenants in any of the places my family has rented who didn’t leave behind a mess or something worse (like dog poop spread all over the walls and utility bills never paid).

I’m going to see if I can find some tenants for upstairs. People who do not smoke or have pets. People who have a glowing or at least good recommendation from their current landlord. People who are not going to cry on the brother’s shoulder about how tough life is and how they can’t pay the rent, again, this month.

Today I waited about 20 minutes in the streetcar on Queen Street. The driver or someone on the streetcar (or both) had phoned for the police cause a black woman was smacking her kid around. I didn’t see much of anything. I really didn’t care that much. Yes, the woman was screaming at her kid and being pretty obnoxious and loud. But, I do think people take this whole thing too far. The kid was tall enough to be in high school, or nearly there. Taller than Zack and he is 11 now.

I was mostly annoyed cause I have been assaulted (that’s what the driver called it) by my Dad, in public and no one made a thing about it. I’ve been molested in a movie theatre by a man I never knew and no one noticed. I’ve been manhandled here in my own place and the police didn’t care enough to even reply back to me about it. So, why is one kid/ teenager on a streetcar worth the bother? My frozen food was thawed out by the time I finally got back here. Maybe I’m hard hearted but I don’t think getting whacked by your Mother when you’re a teenager is a reason to call the police. Get real. Move on.

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