Elemental and Seasonal Only

A snow village with snow people appears on your front lawn. It’s really odd cause there hasn’t been enough snow to make all that, not anything close to it. Someone would have had to ship in truck loads of snow for all of that to be built.

Odder still, all those snow people are alive! When they notice you looking out your window at them they begin to wave at you. You wave back in a feeble, stunned sort of way.

Over the winter you get to know the snow people and spend a lot of time enjoying the winter season in that snow village. It’s awful when it all begins to melt once Spring starts. You can’t think of any way to save all your new friends. They tell you not to worry and just ask you to bring out your camera to take their photo. In that way they can be preserved forever.

Still you feel miserable watching them all melt away to nothing but puddles of water. Sure it’s great for your grass to be so well watered but you can’t see it as just water. One day a huge truck arrives with a load of magical water and a tank full of magical water people who live in sandcastles at the bottom of the tank. They all smile and wave and seem very friendly but are you really ready to develop more friendships with magical people who only live for a season? Would you be better to protect yourself or overlook the sadness and keep your heart open to new people and adventures?

Think fast, the water kids are going to keep splashing you until you decide.

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