Eight Random Facts About Me

You know you’ve been tagged when… You’re sitting in front of a blank screen trying to remember something about yourself, other than your name. OMyWord tagged me. Go read her eight things first and leave a comment. If you live close enough invite her over to do your ironing. She likes my little doll photos. I like her way of looking at life.

Thing One: According to the latest psycho babble I read at my sister’s house, I am an underachiever. We put a lot of energy into being mediocre. I can see how this does describe me. It’s not a complimentary thing so I choose just not to discuss it.

Thing Two: I need to phone all the usual services: phone, hydro, etc and change them over for the new place. It is complicated though. We want to have them on at the old house and the new house at the same time and yet not together.

Thing Three: Even I can get tired of drinking the same coffee after several months. As ok as the vanilla instant coffee was, I am really wishing for a change. I just can’t find where I packed my coffee filter thing. I did buy new coffee. I just can’t use it without the plastic filter thing.

Thing Four: I can count. I just can’t do it very quickly. I will never love math but I have learned to cope. I just had to grow more fingers and toes.

Thing Five: I can read. I have the evidence all stacked up in masses of heavy boxes which I have now moved more times than I care to count.

Thing Six: I know of at least five other places I want to get for more rural exploration photos. One of them is right here in town, pretty much.

Thing Seven: I am phone phobic. That’s the real reason I have not yet begun to make all those calls to the essential services to change things over for the new house.

Thing Eight: I think it’s very egotistical sounding to begin each sentence in this thing Thing with I.

Now, onto the list of tagees:

Should you choose to accept this random challenge…

LatteGirl, cause I missed meeting her. Maybe she just took that fingers and toes counting thing too seriously.

Leigh at Thoughtprints. I love that new photo of the train tracks at the beach. I’d like to step out there and feel the sand between my toes.

I will also pick on Bev, just because I haven’t talked to her for ages and wonder if she still reads her blog.

Next is Lady Banana. I don’t have a good reason, I just am. Let’s just say it’s because she’s yellow and has to be imported.

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