Earthquakes and Moving

The latest news on the move is that I might be there by July. It’s frustrating to rely on someone else. They keep changing plans, each time I think I will be home in Ontario everything changes. At least there is really nothing keeping me in the US now. I don’t see how they could pull any more paperwork on us. The immigration stuff is past us now that we aren’t staying together and I have no desire to stay in the US.

So, its a wait and see and try to procrastinate less on the whole packing thing. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you have when you need to pack it all up and move it?

I’d like to find a new template for the blog. One that underlines the links. I may just see if I can find out where in the coding that is and what I need to change. If I knew I would be here in Illinois till the end of the week or next week I would order a book through Amazon and get it sent here. But, I can do that when I’m in Ontario. I just need to be patient.

Taking a course would be great too. I still haven’t looked to see what is in my area there. Or at least the area I will be in if I spend time with my parents. I just hope I don’t stay there too long. It’s too easy to settle in and stop really trying to do more on my own. Not that I’m a whimp, I just get tired of the fight when I never seem to end up winning.

Well, there was an earthquake in this area today. I actually felt some of it. Kind of interesting to have seen and heard it. Todd and I were joking that all I need now is the tornado to fulfill my Yankee experience. I would like to see one, real. But I don’t want to be too close. The earthquake was quite far away but I still felt some of it. At the time I though Irl, the landlord was on the roof stomping around. It was strange though cause when it started I thought someone was in the room with me and it started on one side of the building. I could hear the building move I guess. But I also saw things shaking inside the apartment. No damage. Things weren’t in danger of falling off shelves or anything that dramatic.

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