Dust Off your Old Posts with WordPress Plugins

wpasciiIf you have a new blog, this isn’t something you need to consider really. However, if you have been blogging awhile and have amassed some nice content you begin to think about how much is lurking under the surface, like a crocodile in the water or an iceberg waiting for it’s Titanic. Why let the dust bunnies be the only ones to read your old posts?

You can revamp and old post, write it again with new information, new links, a change of opinion is even possible. But, what if you don’t want to rewrite your past brilliance and yet would like it to be read in spite of that?

Here are some WordPress plugins to help you out:

I use Time Machine myself. It gives me a widget in the sidebar with a post from the current day taken from past years.

These plugins will bring an old post back into your current blog feed. I wouldn’t like this unless it came with a note explaining it was from the archives. Your old post could be outdated after all.

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