Dust Bunnies Protest Spring Cleaning

The dust bunnies have banded together and are protesting Spring cleaning. Yes, they know it’s not Spring yet. Getting an early start seemed like a good idea.

Each evening, when they think you are asleep, they hold a pep rally under your bed. It’s a quiet pep rally after all, dust bunnies are quiet, soft little creatures. It’s only those hidden teeth you really need to worry about.

One night they decide no one is really going to listen to dust bunnies no matter how many of them gather. So they hike up your bed covers and begin to make you sneeze until, finally, you agree to help them. You only agree cause the sneezing was really starting to get out of hand and you really want to go back to sleep.

What are the demands of the dust bunnies? They have you type them all out, so you should know what they are. Dust

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