Dust Bunnies on the High Bath Water

You make a paper ship and leave it on the kitchen table overnight. In the morning the dust bunnies have taken it, dragged it to the kitchen sink and are sailing around the world, they claim. You explain the world is much bigger than the kitchen sink and the oceans are dangerous. All your explanations just get the bunnies curious and thirsting for adventure.

So, you take them and the boat out to the nearest large body of water. Let them get started. Of course, the boat sinks almost right away. It was already pretty water logged from the sink water. The bunnies screech as the water touches them and they dissolve into dirt piles. It’s a shipping disaster of epic proportions, if you are the size of a paper boat and a dust bunny.

You rescue the last dust bunny and pull out the soggy remains of the paper boat. When you get home again the dust bunnies accuse you of sinking their fellow dust bunnies on purpose, just to get rid of them. There’s a whole trial in dust bunny court. It makes the Dusty Bunny Times, front page even.

In the end, you insist they throw out the charges or start paying rent to live in your home. Since they only have a few stray pennies, nickles, dimes and one quarter, the dust bunnies have to let you go. But they make you promise to vacuum less.

A few days later, one dust bunny leaves you a note in secret. The dust bunny asks you to build a new paper ship and leave it in the bathroom by the tub. He or she wants to try the sailing adventure again.

Do you build it or do you decide to let sleeping dust bunnies lie?

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