Droodles for Xmas

I didn’t hear the explosion in downtown Barrie last night though I was working about a block away from the five corners where the taxi driver said it happened. I saw plenty of smoke and flashing lights as we drove along a street north of Dunlop. It smelled good, like a wood burning fireplace, not a lot of chemical smells then and where I was at the time. I left work about 20 minutes after it happened. Then forgot to check for information online about it until now when Lucy mentioned it. I guess I will hear about it at work as I am soon leaving to catch the bus.

I was working on sending out Christmas cards today. Most of them are ready to go, realized I had forgotten one and will see if I still have time to hunt down the address. Still have to hunt for a postal code for a last family card but at least it is in the area so not getting late for sending those out yet.

I made droodles in some of the cards. (Droodles = drawings by a not quite drooling idiot). They aren’t all awful and at least it will give everyone something to laugh about. If certain other people (like Skye) want a card they need to send me their address really soon. The mail box is right at my bus stop today, very convenient at this time of year.

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