Dragon Droppings Can Be a Problem

The people of your village are demanding all the dragons be made to use poop and scoop baggies. This isn’t very practical however as the increase in plastic production would not be at all good for the environment. Plus, the dragons themselves are insulted and threatening to burn the offending villagers to a crisp. Farmers from outside the village are asking for the dragon droppings cause they have been excellent fertilizer. So the problem really is how to get the droppings from the village dragons to the farms. There isn’t anything left in the village budget to hire people to transport droppings by cart. Anyway, no one is too keen for the job. Not just due to the smell but the fact that the droppings have been known to cause random magic which isn’t always a good thing. The last big “accident” caused half the villagers to hiccup for days.

How do you, as leader of the village and law maker of the county, resolve this little issue?

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