Don’t Turn up Your Nose at RSS Feeds

When these little feeds started creeping out among the blogs I kind of brushed them off as too techie and kind of annoying in a clingy way. I decided I was going to just ignore them and see if they went away.

I was incorrect about them. I’m sure several people are just stunned to think that I could be incorrect… rolling eyes yet again, WOW.. I really need to vacuum

Anyway, RSS feeds which also go by other names such as Atom, depending on their source and other things which I have yet to really put a lot of investigation into. The RSS feeds are here to stay. So you should get some idea of what you can do with them. How you can make use of them. Actually, now that I’m not feeling slightly intimidated by the little creatures, I’m starting to like them. I have set up feeds at My Yahoo and the Google page. I find Yahoo is still ahead of Google in the feed race. Many sites offer a link to click which lets you very easily (without cutting and pasting anything) add the feed of the site you are on, to My Yahoo. My description may seem confusing. Just watch for it next time you’re on a blog, or any site which offers an RSS feed.

The best use I have found for them right now is job hunting and keeping track of sites which post writing and web related jobs. You can set up all those feeds in one place and just scan the run down of posts. It is better than an email list and better than having a clickable list of each blog or site which you then have to actually go to before you can see the posts. Using a feed lets you see the posts without going anywhere. If you want to read the post, then you click your way to the site it came from.

Don’t be a stick in the mud, go out and get fed.

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