Don’t Slay the Dragon, Untangle It

Most of us could slay dragons if we had to. We can comprehend the urgency of one courageous, ultimate act. What we hate is swatting flies – dealing with the repetitive everyday challenges of life and work.

Most problems in life and writing aren’t solved by slashing decisively through them. They are teased apart, tendril by tendril, until the whole flows freely.

It can help to have a plan.

What obstacles do you anticipate today, in working on the project before you? How could you gently untangle them? What difficulties stand in the way of your life as a writer? What alternatives exist for untwisting them?

I’m going to think, today, of obstacles as tangles to untie. I’ll start with the thread that is nearest me.

Quoted from Susan Shaughnessy, her book, ‘Walking on Alligators’.

I couldn’t find a link to a site, blog or even a Twitter account for Susan Shaughnessy. If someone knows of one leave a link in comments. I always try to find the people behind the books meant to inspire writers to keep writing.

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