Don’t Reply to Every Comment

I know this goes against what you have been told from “Better Bloggers”. But, take a moment and think about this…

How many times have you come to a blog, read a post or three and left a comment on one of them. How many times have you gone back to that blog to read any reply to your comment?

If you are like myself the answer is almost never. I do have blogs which I visit regularly (more like drop in on irregulary) but most blogs which I leave comments on are one time trips. Either I forget the blog, didn’t keep the link anywhere or just found it as I wandered around and liked one post but didn’t have enough interest in the blog in general.

So, a reply to my comment is nice but I won’t see it. Is it still worth doing? Maybe. Your regular readers will see you making the effort that is true. Also, you keep the discussion ongoing if my comment added anything to it and it wasn’t already stalled out. But, my feelings won’t be hurt if I don’t get a reply. Meanwhile, you are spending time replying that you could spend on writing a fresh post, promoting your blog or commenting on/ reading other blogs.

Make the best use of your time and energy. If you reply to every comment reconsider.

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