Don’t Lose your Twitter Account

Lately I’ve been seeing more people who have had their Twitter account accessed by someone who sends out junk to their followers. If you get a private message which includes just a URL, don’t click it. Chances are the owner of that Twitter account has not sent it.

The best way to prevent having your Twitter account hacked/ compromised is to use a password which can’t be guessed/ cracked too easily. Try adding numbers into the text or make it random numbers and letters. (If your account is hacked, on Twitter or anywhere else. the first thing you should do is change your password).

If you are typing in URL for Twitter, double check it. Make sure you typed it right before you login. Don’t give your login and password to a phishing site which has bought up a version of the Twitter domain.

Don’t sign up for third party applications too quickly. Consider what they can really offer versus taking a chance on giving your information to a service you don’t really know. Before signing up check online, see what other people are saying about the service/ application. Anything that offers less than good, if not stellar, customer service should be regarded as suspicious.

If your account has been compromised but you can still login Twitter says to:

  • Change your password. (Do this first, before anything else).
  • Go to the applications you have allowed access to your account and delete as many as you can, if not all of them. You can sign back in later if you really want to keep using them.

If you can’t login or if you have a request from Twitter to change the email address on your account you need to contact Twitter and request a password change.



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