Don’t Let your Blog Tags get you Down

lighteralreadyTags are getting me down. I spent time working on my categories and have them pretty good. Only pretty good.

In the case of tags it is a massive mess. I want/ need something that will auto suggest tags for me. Rather than me trying to weed out a few from the huge list and then missing the very one I would have used, if I hadn’t forgotten it existed.

There may be some people who have perfectly organized and uncluttered tags in their blogs, I’m not one of them. So I am looking at WordPress plugins to help me get the job done. Here are my top four out of 11 which I installed and tested.

Strictly Auto Tags –  Two features which I really appreciate are being able to block common words from being used as tags and the other was being able to automatically delete all tags which are only used once. This was great as I had an excessive amount of these from another plugin I tried tonight. This plugin is one of my top two picks!

Simple Tags – This is the keeper for me. You have a lot of features to work with, including re-tagging old posts, setting up meta keywords, tag cloud and sorting through your tags (merging and deleting them). This is the second of my top two!

WP Tag Generator – Simple and it came up with good choices for the auto generated tags. I’m going to keep it as a back up. Even though it is light on extra features I like this one third best.

Web Ninja Auto Tagging System – I like this one. It lets you go back and tag old posts over again. Though, be warned, you will have a huge, bloated list of tags to deal with afterwards (most will not be tags you will want to keep). Still, this is one of the best plugins I tried, but I didn’t keep it.

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