Don’t Forget Context When you Add your Content

How to make my posts impacting?
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On the view mode of your topic, edition features are available for each post to:

Add Context: why should your audience read this? How is it connected to other posts you’ve curated on the same topic? Connect the dots, give your opinion and thoughts: the Post description area is just here for that, either directly from the publishing window or, once the post is published, by clicking on the pen icon.

via How to make my posts impacting? – Customer Feedback for Scoopit.

I think we do forget context when we write our content. It’s such a race to get a new post finished and posted that we forget to give it the extras that make it relevant to readers and show them not just why we wrote the post but why they should read it.

I don’t mean showing them why they should read it in that marketing way that treats everyone like they read at the grade school level and just took a giant happy pill. I mean actually thinking about why someone should read your post, what they can get out of it. Think of why you would read it yourself and what you would hope and expect to get from it. Then, make sure you have that information in the post you wrote.

When it comes to curating content it is so easy to get a bit lazy or try to rush through and add several links while skipping the chance to add your own commentary. But, links without that context are less likely to be clicked. Think about yourself – how often to you click a mystery link versus one which comes with the context to tell you what the link (or the blog post) is about.

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