Don’t Feed the Animals, Stupid Girls

I always have a hard time deciphering song lyrics. I’ve heard Stupid Girls at least fifty times by now and still wondered just what the song was about. I had the gist of it so I didn’t dwell on it. But, Skye has a link to the lyrics in her blog post so I went to look.

I’m so glad that I’ll never fit in
That will never be me
Outcasts and girls with ambition
That’s what I wanna see

This was part of it. But the song is about what I have been thinking for years now, men are so shallow and only want the girls who fit into a size 4 and are stacked, blonde or beautiful in general. It is so stupid cause then women try to become that. Why?

I don’t have an interest in make up and clothes. I like a pink sweater, a red jacket, a smooth, silky nightie, but those are things I like. I don’t dress to look girlly and frilly. I wear what I like, what is comfortable and makes me feel happy and good about myself. I wonder how much money is spent on “beauty”. All that excess packaging for make up, filling dumps all over the world. All those shoes, clothes and accessories, what do any of them matter? Instead you could have bought books, taken a trip to another country or saved up and bought yourself a new car. What does another pair of uncomfortable shoes you look forward to taking off when you get home, really do for you? All that stuff is a trap, a rut women step into. It makes you feel pretty… but a woman can be pretty without covering her face with processed oil or spending most of her pay cheque to fill her closet.

As a woman, why she is getting breast implants. Some say it’s to boost their self esteem, but really…. you keep your esteem in your boobs? What if you get breast cancer, will you go into a depression cause you lost all your esteem to cancer? What about as you get older and your boobs sag, more? I’m 40 and they aren’t hanging the way they used to. I’m not all wrapped up in my own cleavage though. In those 40 years I found other things to like about myself. Try that sometime.

What are big boobs for? Babies don’t need D cups to suck on. Women don’t need D cups to haul around, it’s not good for us or our posture. But men think they are just great to see bouncing about and great to squeeze. So, who are the bigger boobs for, really.

I hate that women get breast implants. It is so backwards. It makes women more like robots and less like people. Stupid girls. Maybe he will call you back. But, do you really want him? After all, he doesn’t really want you, just your beauty, your big boobs, and so on. He doesn’t know you and he doesn’t seem to miss you. Don’t you want a whole lot more than that?

Don’t feed the animals.

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