Don’t Behave with Cold Manners

I like Chinese fortune cookie fortunes. I’ve posted those I get a few times here. This is unique among them. What fortune writer wrote this? It’s fabulous. Not the meaning, but the language. I love the phrase ‘cold manners’. So descriptive and yet so simple. Who could fail to understand that meaning? (Yes, no doubt there is someone, somewhere…)

Don’t behave with cold manners.

Someone else must have had my same fortune, I found it mentioned on Your Dictionary: Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings. I don’t see it used anywhere else, in my web search at least. That was interesting. It’s such a good phrase.

Can you invent a great, simple and descriptive phrase to describe someone who is cool towards you, a typical ice queen or king?

I found a site where you can create and send fortune cookies online. You write the fortune yourself.

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