Don’t Be Afraid of Bold

I’m kind of a shy, quiet person. When I was a teenager and had my first real job I was so quiet the other women thought I was a Mennonite. It wasn’t a comment on my fashion choices, I was just quiet. I’ve always second guessed anything I do that puts me into a spotlight or pushes me to be bold, brazen or noticed even. Trust me, I don’t take bold lightly.

But using the bold function of HTML can be a good thing. It highlights the main point you want to get across in your article or post. It brings attention to what you are saying. It can also break up a long post into sections so readers/ skimmers can absorb the essence of your communication without reading every word of the text.

Some bloggers use subheaders as bold statements, set off outside of their general text.

I don’t do that. It’s just a bit too bold for me I guess. I will bold a sentence in the text, almost a subheader but still blending into the regular paragraph. It works for me, bold without being too bold. Once you start using bold you will find your own style. Remember to go boldly forth and yet use all things in moderation. Bold luck to you.

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