Doing Semi Possibly Bad Things

Why do we want to tell someone when we know we are doing something kind of wrong, short of actually evil, but definitely not something we will later look back on as a good thing.

I have stopped myself from making a post about my Tuesday date. It’s not a date in a relationship way, not in THAT way. Of course, any social style interaction between people could be considered a relationship and thus a date. Even two women could meet and have a night out as friends and call it a date. It’s not quite the same thing I’m doing. Mine is not based on simple friendship. There is no road map from here. It’s not quite as dramatic as taking a leap but it’s not quite predictable and boring either.

No, I know it’s mean, but I can’t tell you. Maybe on Tuesday, or Wednesday when I’m back, I will tell you something. Maybe. I have a lot of feelings and not enough of them are mixed. They should be. Why aren’t they, this time? Is my halo tarnished? Did I trade it in for a semi-halo and not realize I didn’t pick up the right one?

Or am I just growing out of being such a freakishly good girl after all these years? I am 41 and divorced, not a pure virginal little 16 year old any more.

Most of all… Why do I have 88 referers today? Who are you people and what did you come here for? I don’t bring around cookies and cakes, or anything. There may be service with a smile but there’s no real service.

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