Does Zazzle Think Violence Against Women is Funny?

Is this funny? At Zazzle they seem to think this is funny. It’s also rated G, violence against women is funny and ok for children to see – as long as it’s about fat women.

I reported this as a violation on the site. They don’t seem to have a problem with gender, racial and other sort of aggression on the site – but that does not mean it should be rated for a G (general) audience, children included. It isn’t worth much but at least it doesn’t condone it as acceptable.

Will Zazzle do anything… I doubt it. I’m pretty sure this will still be up, unchanged for a long time. It’s ok to hate fat women as long as they aren’t lesbians, black, etc. Ironic that all sorts of women and men can be fat. Get your harpoons, your baseball bats and see how many you get.

Zazzle hates women

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