Do you Really Want to Watch That?

Scribble Pad has written about Life Without TV.

After about two months, I sat down to show him the prices and plans for the other possible services, and that lead to a great conversation. We realized how much not having those channels enhanced our day to day lives.

  • Productivity was up for both our businesses, as well as our personal projects.
  • Sleep came more easily–though admittedly, not really earlier. We’re night owls.
  • Time to hang out together and with others doubled… maybe even tripled.

So we’ve made an executive decision to stick to our local channels and movies. No more getting sucked into the TV until some embarrassingly late hour. It makes for a nice news diet, too. Honestly, if it’s dire, we’ll hear about it or run into it online. Who needs CNN 24/7?

How much of your attention and energy is being donated to TV you really don’t watch? Also, think of the money spent on cable each month. Is it really worth it? Couldn’t you be doing something else or spending that money on something more interesting than staring at TV for hours?

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