Do you Have a Secret Desire to be a Fashion Blogger?

Glamorous, exciting and stylish… isn’t that how a good fashion blog feels when you open it? Those high heels, the just-right dress you wish you could fit into (some of you may, not me). I never wanted to be a model, a clothes horse. But… I have a secret lust to be a fashion blogger. Posting photos of clothes I’d love to wear. Having an excuse to buy that extra pair of boots you really don’t need but they would look so great with that coat you saw in the store window. Maybe even dropping in on the fashion world itself, attending a fashion show as if I belonged there.

I won’t be a fashion writer, blogger or editor. For a few reasons: age, weight, interest, I just don’t suit the world of the fashionable.

What about other fashion? It’s not all clothes. Think jewelry… how nice to photograph designer lockets, charming bracelets and sparkling diamonds, emeralds, rubies and assorted costume jewelry and other creations meant to be worn. Consider blogging about something other than women’s fashion, how about fashion for kids? Fashion for men? Or, pets, I haven’t seen that done yet. Also, I know of at least one lingerie fashion blogger. If you really want to create a fashion blog find your own way, create your own niche and then be prepared to push your way into it.

Meanwhile, I indulge my inner fashionista by posting clothes I will never actually wear to my Pinterest account. I can visit them there when I need a boost.

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