Do You Give Readers a Way to Contact You?

subscribehereJust for fun… next time you are on someone’s site take note of how many times they ask for your email address (newsletter sign ups, site registration, leaving comments, etc.) and then see if you can find an email address or some way to contact the site owner. (Twitter and other social media excluded because these are not direct email contact).

Why does a site expect or hope people will give their email address and yet the site owner does not give out their own contact information?

Not so long ago this was a reason NOT to subscribe to anything on a site. I still feel that way. How do I know a site isn’t gathering my email address just to turn around and sell it? When they don’t give out their own email they do not seem welcoming and they certainly don’t seem to want you to contact them if they make it difficult.

Can you really trust a site (blog) which does not have contact information? Especially, any site which asks (repeatedly) for your own?

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