Dmoz Griping and Swollen Heads

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Just came across this. Not sure if it’s really all that useful. I read some of it and decided not to register and not keep the URL even. Far too many swollen egos on both sides. At times I think there are too many persnickity nitpickers, niggling over the skimpiest details that really don’t seem to matter one dot. Sometimes they seem so small minded you wonder what keeps their head inflated that big. It’s very frustrating to try to get anything accomplished. These days I just give up and work along as it is.

Not all of them are frustrating people, some are human. But the few that are not (or at least don’t think they are) have really spoiled things. You would not believe what a great community Dmoz once was, so long ago. I miss all that. I’ve really stuck with it because I’ve put too much into it to let it go to pot now. Not that I’m putting in anything like the effort and time I did before. You can’t be that obsessed unless you feel joy along with passion.

Not that it would die off without me, I’m under no illusions in that regard. But, I like to keep my areas maintained, at least not see them become wastelands. We aren’t supposed to call them “our” areas. But, when you are the only person active in maintaining an area it does become personal. I don’t see how you can avoid that.

Anyway, my brother is here to use the other computer to check his email. He shovelled the snow while I made him soup but he’s rearing to get online now.

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