Family Recipe Cookbook

Create a cookbook of favourite family recipes and give everyone a copy. – This came from Homemakers print magazine (one of the ads actually). I think it’s a great idea. Not just for the women in the family, or the children who inherit the traditions of the family but for the daughters and sons in law too. Each family get together people could add a new recipe to the book, make enough copies for everyone to add the recipe to their own books when they get home again.

My Grandfather’s sister (Alvena) was said to make the best chocolate fudge and other goodies. She would never share her recipe with anyone. Now it is gone along with her. I think about that at times. What a shame it is that something like that couldn’t be passed on so that Alvena’s amazing fudge could still be made and eaten today.

What recipe would you add to the cookbook first? How would you put the cookbook together, give it a cover design and an index by type of recipe or by which person contributed the recipe, which family it came from originally. This can be a great storytelling project (with copies of photos, drawings and personal notes) if you can get enough family together to begin and then record all the stories connected to each recipe.

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