Dinking and Drinking

Funky Midnight Writing for Soulfully Blonde. It’s midnight… close enough. Some weird elf comes into your room with two potions. One says “drink me” and the other says “no, dink me”. (No one said elves were good proofreaders).

The elf sets your potion of choice down on your nightstand, right beside the book you were reading. He gives you a look when he sees the title of your book. Elves are kind of prudish at times.

You dink the potion (or drink it if you were silly enough to pick that one which is only going to make you taller until your head buts through the roof of your home and causes you a lot of insurance headaches, now don’t you wish you had just dinked the other potion…?) the elf begins to look a lot taller, kind of sexy too. When did you develop this elf fetish?

So, do you tell the elf about his typo? Do you give him a talk about the importance of proofreading, spelling, punctuation and grammar? Once you’ve done all that, how does he take it? Sad, how little appreciation elves have for grammarians.

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