Ding! You Win… A Dollar!!!

centsgrrlI have Word Grrls on Project Wonderful. I just checked the account today and it has crossed the one dollar mark. How will I spend my new income? Oh, don’t be crazy… I’m not spending a penny.

I don’t do stock market games or reality cause I’m an excessively obsessive and bad risk taker when it comes to games of chance. I also don’t like reading or obeying a lot of rules. After all, rules just complicate things. But Project Wonderful has been my own penny ante stock market. I didn’t have to invest any real money. Just stuck the code up and keep remembering to go in there and check for pending bids.

It took off at a rough start. I felt a bit slimed at the starting gate. I didn’t read all the rules so I didn’t fix my price per ad to anything. So it was zero, no cents at all. Today is different. I’m out of the penny race and into a nickle. I have two ads from the same blogger, running at five cents each. That was the ad that pushed me over from cents into dollars.

Project Wonderful isn’t amassing me a fortune. I didn’t expect it would. I hoped it would be fun, something new to learn to stimulate my brain and keep me a little longer away from becoming senile, and it has done that. I’m not pulling it from Word Grrls. I’m not concerned about adding it to That Grrl any time soon. I might, out of interest to compare how each blog does.

If you are interested in trying Project Wonderful I endorse it. But go in with real expectations. If you want big money robbing a bank would be a faster method, a bit risky though. Project Wonderful will show you some new blogs and eventually give you a dollar to add to your next fancy coffee purchase, but it won’t make you rich.

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