Digital Content Skills

Have you looked at any of the jobs/ careers mentioned below? Even fiction writers have gotten to work in non-fiction if they run their own sites, social media and anything else online. Consider putting some of your energy and skills into a different kind of paying job. 
People who know how to write well for digital media — websites, intranets, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, search engines — have amazing career opportunities.
Many jobs now demand digital content skills: corporate communications, technical communications, web writing, journalism, advertising, publishing, marketing, content marketing, public relations, content management, content strategy, digital strategy, service design and government roles. 

Nine digital content skills: can you tick them all?

People who write for work must know how to:
  1. attract online readers

  2. improve search rankings

  3. use metadata and keywords

  4. follow web accessibility standards

  5. use a content management system properly

  6. write for mobile devices

  7. write plain English

  8. write for Google Translate

  9. publish on multiple channels.