Different Copyrights to Consider for Your Photography

I haven’t heard of all of these, so I expect some will be news to other photographers too. This matters especially when you are selling your photographs. If you are writing out something about the rights people have with your photos, these would be good terms to know.

Photos have copyrights assigned to them and you need to make sure you’re following the laws. Here are some things to consider:

  • Editorial Use: the right to use in blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Commercial Use: Can be used to market products/services.
  • Retail Use: Can be used to create and sell physical products.
  • Exclusive: Only one person can buy the license to use the photo. No-one else can use the photo.
  • Non-Exclusive: Numerous other people can buy the license to use the image.
  • Public Domain: There are no restrictions on the use of the photo.
  • Creative Commons: Can put conditional usage of the work, until it is not required by law.
  • Royalty Free: Anyone can purchase a license for the photo and use it for an unlimited amount of time and duration.
  • Rights Managed: There are distribution limitations when you purchase a license. This is often the number of times the image is used/viewed by users.
  • Rights Of Publicity: The subject of which the photo is used for is restricted.

Source: How To Sell Photos On Shopify – ShopThemeDetector

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