Dieting is not Fun

dietgrrlI’m tired tonight. It’s been tough getting much sleep while in Newmarket. Sleeping on that couch isn’t great and then when I can’t get comfortable I decide to start reading, since I’m awake anyway. By the time I’m tired enough to be sleepy it’s pretty late. Then, before the sun is awake, those little girls start screaming for their parents and wandering around the house waiting to get noticed by the aforementioned parents. No, they aren’t deaf, they just seem to wait before taking action. I think they like that kind of attention. It makes me bonkers but they must like it, thrive on it even. Why else would you allow your kids to behave that way?

I’m glad for tomato soup. Even though it doesn’t look like much without the milk/ cream in it it does take the edge off dieting hunger. Should be about a week before I have more grocery money. I’ve got a great list ongoing in my head. Pickles are at the top of the list. Sure, they aren’t a staple item but they are good and crunchy and of the green variety.

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