Desk Rage?

Lilit Marcus writes about desk rage in her blog: Save the Assistants. Have you heard the term before?

It was new to me. But I’ve seen it happen. Like road rage, desk rage is all about frustration, impatience and losing your temper. (Or your sanity, temporarily). People who work closely together or share some facilities like a kitchen, coffee maker, washroom, etc are bound to become irritated by what are small things.

I think the main problem isn’t a lack of space but a lack of knowing the people you are working with. You are more likely to spew and rant at someone if you don’t know them, don’t have any interest in them. Once you talk to them, get to know them, find out some likes and dislikes and realize how much you have in common with them, it changes your perspective. Instead of being the enemy they become the co-worker.

This was my comment in the blog:

It might help if people weren’t all so anonymous these days. When I worked in an office we couldn’t take breaks at the same time. At lunch I was happy to be “free” so I usually left the building or hid somewhere so I couldn’t be called back to do someone a favour. When I worked in a factory job it was very different. Everyone knew each other by name, knew what her kids were up to, etc. We took lunch and breaks at the same time so had that social time I never had in an office or retail environment.

What do you think? What causes road rage or desk rage or any other type that may come out in the future and how can people fix this so we can all drive, walk and work safely together?

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