Design Your Own Christmas Ornament

We can’t all sew or do woodwork and other creative crafty goodness but if you were to create your perfect Christmas ornament what would it be? Right now on my desk I have new polar bear ballerinas, all in pink with a tiara. I bought them thinking of my nieces who like to think they are princesses. I’ve my boxes of ornaments to be pulled up from the basement, maybe today. In there I have angels and snowmen, snowflakes and icicles, Santa and poinsettias. There are endless ideas you could come up with for something especially meaningful to you, combined with a regular Christmas theme. Think of those pink flamingo ornaments geared to the Snowbirds escaping winter to have Christmas in Florida.

My ornament would be a stack of computer gadgets in a pyramid shape with poinsettias and other Christmas greenery, like a Christmas tree made of computer hardware.

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