Demonstrating the One Question Interview

Question – If you could hire a professional writer for your blog, would you choose to do so or keep writing your own content for yourself?

Canucklehead – I would continue to write myself. Visitors of Canucklehead have come to expect and in an odd way enjoy the mindless, barely legible way I write and I’m afraid writing that was in any way professional would frighten and/or confuse them. (NOTE: I would however spend the money on beer – hence the whole mindless and barely legible thing. CHEERS!)

Texas RV Travel Blog – I have been a professional writer and editor for almost 30 years. – My current site is a picture blog, so there’s not much to be written in it. But in the past I’ve had writing blogs, and I would continue to write for them myself as long as the sites stayed informal. If I was running a tech/business blog or something similar that needed a bit more formality, I’d most likely hire someone.

Tycoon Blogger – I have several blogs and some I am not as anal about so for those I would allow a hired writer to create the content. On my flagship blog, Tycoon Blogger, I enjoy writing on the topic of blogging and social media so much that I would continue to write even if I had the option not to.

Old Red Pen – I do a comic. I’d always want to be the primary illustrator, but I’d be happy to feature guest artists if I enjoy their work.

The Thin Red Line – I will definitely always do my own writing. I’m not a professional writer per se, yet I have and do make money by putting words together.

Thirty Something Blog – I would continue to write my own content. I do enjoy posting a guest post by someone else every now and then, but it’s MY blog and it wouldn’t feel right having someone else writing the content. I do this as a hobby, for fun. Hiring someone would defeat the purpose.

Ken Writing – My blog is my writing and my writing is my blog. If someone else were to do it, it wouldn’t be mine.

Cromely’s World – I have had a couple of guest posters, but I wouldn’t hire a writer. I blog specifically because I need to write. The act of writing keeps from brain from falling apart due to work related concerns.

Jane Bradbury and Paint Shop Pro – I will always write the majority of my content. I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t bear to farm it out, and like Ken, it wouldn’t then be mine. The mistakes I make now are my own mistakes; if no one likes my blog then it’s my own fault. I can’t shift the blame to someone else, or use them as an excuse. I do fancy some guest posts though

New Scribbles – I would continue writing for myself, it is part of the fun for me, I like my blogs to have a little bit of me in them, my humour etc. Plus I am a writer and love to scribble

I asked this on the forums at CMF Ads. I was glad to get a good variation of answers. As you read the answers which hold your interest, which of them are you likely to follow up to see their own sites? When you give an interview it is important to have the information being asked but, don’t forget this is self promotion too. Use your interview to engage your reader, even when it is a short interview which isn’t appearing on your own site. You never know who will be reading and possibly dropping by to visit you.

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