Demasking: Making Changes

Sometimes I feel like my face is a mask I can just pull off. Do you know those fancy masks created for some fancy ball in a fairy tale. They have a whole face mask, attached to a stick you hold in your hand. I think of my face that way. That I could just pull away the mask and all the imperfections like little zits or the faint beginnings of lines and all of that extra stuff I have gathered through years of life would just come away with the mask. I don’t think about what would remain underneath. Kind of odd isn’t it? But I can see that mask stripping away the outer layer of my face.

What it means I have no idea. I like my face and I’m not overly concerned about the few lines, blemishes and such. It must be something about wanting to make other changes, but having them be so simple as pulling a mask away from my face. Wouldn’t it be nice if making changes really were that simple?

Create and write about a character who needs to make a big change but is not able to start. Why can’t he/ she start? Do they really understand the need for the change, the urgency? Or is it a cosmetic kind of thing and not really urgent at all. Have you noticed that people will put more energry and expedience into cosmetic changes than they will with life changes that really are important?

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