Customer Service Abuse

It was Thursday… I don’t think I had this many people spazzing and yelling at me even when I was a telemarketer. The real joke is that these people called me for help. However, the joke is on them. I didn’t really try to help any of the real jerks. Why should I? Let them just stew in their own juices with phones, TV and Internet that don’t work. If you can’t talk to me like an adult go suck your thumb in some dark corner and leave the grown ups alone.

I was sitting, waiting for the bus to get home tonight and I felt like one raw nerve. I had to think about something else to keep from crying. My eye sockets feel like dried, raw, paint from looking at the computer screen all day and trying to read the fine print in instructions and guides for those who don’t want to do it for themselves. That part I don’t mind and I even understand. I don’t like reading the manual either. But the people who rant and rave will get nothing but someone who listens and waits for the best way to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

I had an email to write about abuse for a blog event today. I guess I’ve done it. I’d add other forms of day to day abuse we may or may not think of. Road rage being one. what is so wrong with people that they take out problems and frustrations on someone else to the extent that they leave another person (a bystander most often) bleeding and crying in pain??? Get a grip for your own sake. That person you just screamed at might see you walking to the bus and not think twice about knocking you down just as easily as you knocked them down on the phone.

Plus… you stupid bastards… bet you never thought about the fact that I’ve got your account information on my screen. I can see your phone number, your cell number, your mailing/ street address and very often your credit card and social insurance number too. Think twice before you open your mouth! You’re the one with your bare ass hanging out as far as I’m concerned.

So, the moral of the story is… next time you want to scream at someone over the phone SHUT YOUR MOUTH really tight, hold your nose and count to ten, or thirty, or whatever it takes. Don’t abuse someone just cause they seem to be so far away and such a safe bet over the phone. I’ve got you like a little bug under a microscope. When the shoe hits you won’t even know where it came from.

Don’t abuse customer service people. We CAN fight back, if we choose to do so.

Now… because I’m still feeling stressed and pissed off… one final word… fuckwad! It just had to be said. I have no idea what it really means it just feels right.

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