Crossposting a Thing of the Past?

LiveJournal was taken down by DDOS in 2006.

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People jump and scurry so much for Google ratings I doubt the old crossposting plan will hold on much longer. (Unless you can just crosspost a link, without the content).

It was nice to be able to share across the waves when you had a few blogs, a few social media sites and so on. Now, Google has let it be known that duplicate content is bad, a bad thing. Not to be tolerated – and so mote it be.

That won’t be a good thing for sites like LiveJournal, Tumblr and other microblog sort of things. Not everyone wants to support a microglog in addition to their main sites, where they put in most of their time with maintenance, promotion, artistic and content creation. It will be the small blog sites that starve first. The people there tend to have other blogs or just be dabbling their fingers into the pond and not last a long time. The accounts on LiveJournal, Google’s own Blogger/ Blogspot have loads of abandoned accounts like skeletons in the closet.

Crossposting may have caused duplicate content… but was that really such a bad thing?

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