Croc Knockoffs on My Feet

Have you got Crocs or their knockoffs? I’ve got two now. I love them. I’ve been wearing men’s sandals so I have toe room and a shoe that fits me nicely without being way too long. Now I can get a medium sized Croc (knockoff so far cause I’ve only seen the original once) and they fit great. I like the colours. I have a light pink pair and a medium shade of blue pair.

They are almost like walking around in bare feet. The shoes are light and have lots of holes so you can feel the breeze on your toes. I’m watching now for a place to get a third pair in a different colour. I’d especially like yellow, orange or red. Though a dark, more sober colour would be wearable for a job, once I have one of those job type things, once I move. ugg.

The big question with Crocs is… how do you wear your strap? All the pictures I found from their website have the strap on back. But, most people here seem to wear the strap forward, so they are slip-on shoes, like a rubbery clog. I like the strap forward cause I can slip them on and off my feet when I’m standing in line, hanging around at the laundry mat or shopping and just want to air out my toes.

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