Creating Garbage Websites on Purpose

Here is a blog all about spamming, using blogs. As someone who writes content for blogs and etc, and an editor for a web directory which gets a ton of spam garbage just like this every day, reading this makes me want to delete them all, why even bother reviewing them.

But, one trend I have noticed is a new respect for the personal site. Before they were chucked aside like the most amateur self-centred trash. Now, the trash isn’t the personal sites with their rambles and rants and unique graphics. The new trash are the commercial and professional sites.

I’ve always favoured the personal sites. But now I have a tendency to disfavour the commercial sites, whereas I used to have no real opinion either way. These days I’m harder on them and look into them a lot more before deciding whether or not to list them.

If they keep flooding the Internet with garbage eventually it will just be one big dump and there will be nothing to come for. But, they don’t care. If they cared they wouldn’t be such users in the first place.

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