Create Your Personal Almanac

farmasciiI like to pick up The Farmer’s Almanac each year. I’m not a farmer, not even a heavy gardener. I just enjoy the articles, and the pictures. A few years ago we got a Canadian Almanac from the magazine, Harrowsmith Country Life. So this is the one I pick up now.

Create a personal almanac, like an inventory of your life. Make lists of ideas, people, places and things that have mattered to you at different times in your life. Keep adding information as you think of it. Basically an almanac is an annual reference book with statistics, predictions and other facts about an industry, business, country or some other person, place or thing.

Your almanac could include:

  • Your areas of expertise
  • Your family tree
  • Memorable firsts
  • Memorable lasts
  • Moments of greatness
  • Moments of weakness
  • Jobs you have had
  • Goals you have had or are working towards
  • Dreams (while sleeping) and daydreams
  • Things you have created or built
  • School memories
  • Material things that mattered to you (clothes, knickknacks, etc.)
  • Unforgettable people
  • Unforgettable places
  • Favourite things (books, foods, people and places, etc.)
  • Things you would change
  • Issues that matter to you, or that you have a strong opinion about

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