Create your Cheerful Celebration List

Create your Cheerful Celebration list to give you small and big things to celebrate the little things in life or cheer yourself up when you’re a little down.  This idea comes from When I Grow Up.

  • Go out for a latte and try something new.
  • Spend an hour or more at the secondhand bookstore, shelfsurfing.
  • Sit outside with a good book.
  • Make a dinner I really want rather than thaw out something frozen.
  • Take the bus downtown and have lunch.
  • Take the bus out of town and stay in a hotel overnight.
  • Pamper myself with new shampoo/ conditioner and a hot shower.
  • Wear my favourite really red sweater. Go boldly forth.
  • Give some guy a flirty smile, regardless of how I look at the time.

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