Creamy Lemon Filling

Your day sucks. So many things went wrong that you just lost count sometime before noon. Then the little green alien guy showed up and wanted to take over your work space. He shoved all your stuff off the desk surface and stuck his face inside your computer (literally, I said he was an alien). Somehow, in his alien way, he took over ownership of your computer. It no longer knows you exist and your login is denied.

But, you have one sure fire way to handle the alien invasion. Creamy lemon filling. The little green men are suckers for lemon meringue pie. Once they eat that lemon filling they begin to glow, soon after they turn yellow and swell up. By the end of an hour they are just a gooey mess you can call the janitorial staff to clean up. Seems to be something about the yellow and green just not mixing right. But, whatever it is, the little green men can not resist the lemon filling in a lemon meringue pie.

So, you go out at your lunch hour and bring in a piece of pie. One is enough to take care of 6 little green men. You set the pie out on the top of your desk and in just a half minute, there he is, sniffing it out.

Is it really all that evil to make the little green men explode from creamy lemon filling? Should you find a kinder alternative? Why or why not?

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