Cre8Buzz and Word of Mouth

asciibuzzingbees1Do you remember Cre8Buzz? It was a great idea, using WOM (word of mouth) to promote deserving, worthwhile, unknown bloggers. To help each other, essentially. It is a shame the plan stalled out along the way.

WOMMA – Word of Mouth Marketing Association

The first post from the original Cre8Buzz blog:

My name is Jim Keenan, this is Mike Ratliff “hello” and this is Gabe Orvis “hello my friends”.  We are the founders of cre8Buzz!  We started this crazy venture because we felt that too many good, talented people and ideas where not getting the exposure they deserved.  Each of us had stories of impressive people we have met in our journeys who were not getting more “press”.  These people had great products, or ideas, or were just extremely talented at what they did yet few people, if anyone, knew who they were.  It’s for this reason we set out to build a WOM (word of mouth) engine to cre8 a way for talented people, businesses and ideas to be seen.   We like to think we are on to something so stay with us.  We launch Q1 2007.

We bet you’re asking what is up with the ant?  Ant’s don’t“buzz”! That is correct.  We would like to give thanks to Chris Anderson, Author of “The Long Tail” for the inspiration.  Thanks Chris!!!!

“For a generation of customers used to doing their buying research via search engine, a company’s brand is not what the company says it is, but what Google says it is. The new tastemakers are us. Word of mouth is now a public conversation, carried in blog comments and customer reviews, exhaustively collated and measured. The ants have megaphones.” Chris Anderson – “The Long Tail”

Our goal or mission is to provide everyone with a megaphone for themselves AND for others.  As Chris says we are the new tastemakers; therefore we should have a bigger hand in what we see, listen to, read and rank*.   So stay tuned and join us in our efforts of getting bigger megaphones into the hands of the ants!

Oh yeah, what can you expect from this blog?  I guess you could say it is our megaphone.  We’ll be talking about WOM, marketing, customer service, and most important; great ideas and people we happen to come across.  You can also expect a good rant everyone once and a while as well.

We’re looking forward to it!

Many regards; Jim, Mike, Gabe and of course . . . Antman!

*a not so small hint

I found BzzAgent which is also based on WOM (word of mouth) campaigns. Are you using or involved with a service like this? How is it working for you?

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