Could You Really Just Let the Story End this Way?

You hear someone call you. But it’s early in the morning, on a Sunday and you’re all snuggled up and cosy in your bed. So you ignore it, just for a bit. You don’t hear any more. Still, you get up to check, you can’t just lie in bed and be the evil daughter/ sister/ wife/ mother who ignores them when they call you. Likely it’s just something silly, they want you to fetch something they could get for themselves.

Out of bed, down the hall, there they are, watching TV. No catastrophe. You say ” Good Morning.” They answer back, yet it’s an odd monotone, cheery “Good Morning”. It looks like they have been replaced by an evil robot, again.

However, this evil robot replacement is different from the last one. This one fetches for themselves, they even pick up after themselves, cook dinner, iron clothes, wash windows and offer you the last cookie rather than just eat it themselves. Could you really just let the story end this way?

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